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  • Cleaning Cubis II Balance

    You have come to the right place for basic and advanced cleaning for your Cubis II ultra-high resolution balance. In this article, we’ll review cleaning these devices so you can work the best in your laboratory setting. Certain chemicals should be used,… Read More

  • Cubis 2 User Management

    With completely configurable software, hardware, and connectivity, Cubis 2 offers a high-quality, high-performance balance that aligns with your lab’s unique demands and other compliance requirements. If you’d like to learn about the user management of Cubis 2 and a brief breakthrough of its… Read More

  • Formulation using Cubis Lab Balance

    Centralized Recipe Database with Cubis II and PostgreSQL, and SQLite Formulation is a very crucial step during the product development and production process. For some global companies, a specific formulation must be entirely produced identically at all sites, and changes… Read More

  • GLP 21 CFR 11 Compliance Checklist

    If you’re working with a system in your lab involving Cubis technology, you have come to the right spot. This article will contain useful information regarding GLP 21 CFR 11 compliance while working with Cubis systems. Read on to learn… Read More

  • Weigh Any Sample with Cubis Balance

    Cubis Vial and Flask Holders are specially designed weighing pans that could enable ergonomic sample weighing directly into different conical tubes, vessels, and other round-bottomed flasks, which dramatically simplifies the process for both sample and solution preparation. Using Cubis Vial… Read More

  • Integrate your Cubis Balance with the LIMS System

    The completeness and accuracy of lab data are also essential for safe product development and production. Violation of data integrity can have severe implications for human safety and health. In recent years, data integrity violations have increased significantly. Therefore, companies have been… Read More

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