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Service Agreements

Service Agreements



Sales & Rentals

Sales & Rentals

Custom Weighing Solutions

Custom Weighing Solutions

  • Calibration & Repair Services

    Installation & Commissioning, Regular Calibration Agreements, Preventative Maintenance, Repair Services with Rental Fleet, Validation Services: IQ/OQ, SQ-min Services, Test Weight Calibration and Verification

  • Ultrafiltration Devices

    Centrifugal Concentrators, Crossflow Concentrators, DNA Concentration, Protein Concentration, Nanoparticle Concentration, Peptide Concentration, Desalting & Buffer Exchange Units and Static Concentrators

  • Filters & Filitration Devices

    Filter Paper, Glass & Quartz Microfiber Filter Paper, Extraction Thimbles, Membrane Filters, Chromatography Filter Paper

  • Balances & Test Weights

    Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Micro Balances, Semi Micro Balances, Ultra micro Balances, Manual Mass Comparators, Automatic Mass Comparators, and Precision Test Weights

  • Pipettes & Tips

    Mechanical Pipettes, Electronic Pipettes, Single Channel Pipettes, 8 Channel Pipettes, 12 Channel Pipettes, Pipette Charging Stands, Generic pipette tips, Low Retention Tips, Generic pipette tips, and Filtered pipette tips

  • Electrochemical Analysis

    pH-Meters, pH-Electrodes and pH-Measurement accessories

  • Microbiology Products

    Sterility testing, Nutrient pads, Microbial Enumeration, Filter holders, Manifold units, Reusable filter systems and Filtration accessories

  • Lab Water Filtration Systems

    ASTM type 1 ultrapure water systems, Type 2 EDI water systems, Type 3 Reverse Osmosis water systems, Combined type 1 & 2 water systems and Combined type 1 & 3 water

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