Rental Services

The Rental Program

The Lab People understand that some companies require weighing equipment on a temporary or season basis for inventory and special projects. We maintain a large stock of weighing equipment especially for that purpose.

Our rental program is designed to save you time and money. From selection of equipment through testing, delivery and customer training, we provide the full service you would expect from the area’s largest scale rental provider.

Whether it’s counting scales for inventory, lab balances, crane scales, force measurement or washdown scales for special projects, The Scale People has the equipment to meet your needs.
Make a specific request or let our knowledgeable staff help you decide which piece of equipment provides the best solution for application.

Shake Hands

  • Inventory made quick and easy!
  • Renting means no equipment maintenance or additional investment
  • Pickup & delivery is available for local customers, shipping for non-local customers
  • On-site training for local customers
  • Counting scales automate the inventory process, making it more time-efficient
  • Saves time and money

Rent for one week, a month, or lease long term

Ready to get started?

The Lab People have created a sales and calibration infrastructure designed to provide complete certified sales and calibration at your facility or in our lab.

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