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Our Metrology Services

THE LAB PEOPLE offers (2) different certificates to accompany your weight calibration services. Depending on your application, you may be required to provide a certain level of certification. Always ensure you are requesting the correct certificate for your use. Our metrology staff can help guide your certificate decision, but ultimately, we request you provide the level of traceability and accuracy needed for your calibration services.

ISO Accredited Certificate

  • Weight Verification Certificate
  • Weight Verification Service
  • Certificate of Verification
  • “As Found” Readings Only
  • No Adjustments
  • Pass/Fail Determination Report
Lab People, Inc. Certificate of Calibration 1Lab People, Inc. Certificate of Calibration 2Lab People, Inc. Certificate of Calibration 3

Weight Calibration & ISO 17025 Certificate of Calibration

  • “As Found” Readings and “As Left”
  • Adjustments, as needed
  • Pass/Fail Determination Report
Lab People, Inc. Weight Verification 1Lab People, Inc. Weight Verification 2

THE LAB PEOPLE Metrology Lab

Our new metrology lab in Columbia, Maryland is now providing ISO/IEC accredited and verification-only mass calibration services. With the fastest turnaround time in the industry currently, our lab maintains ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and implements NIST procedures and protocols.

What Types of Weights We Calibrate

  • Reference Weights
  • Mass Standards
  • Microgram Weights
  • Analytical Weights
  • Precision Weights
  • Lab Weights
  • Calibration Weights
  • Test Weights
  • Grip Handle Weights
  • Weights with Hooks
  • Slotted Weights
  • Stainless Steel Weights
  • Cast Iron Weights
  • Custom Weights
  • Weight Carts

What Weight Classes We Service

  • ASTM E617-13: Class O – Class 7
  • NIST 105-1: Class F
  • OIML RIII-I 2004: Class E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, M3
Weight CartsCalibration Weights 3Calibration Equipment

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The Lab People has created a service infrastructure designed to provide complete certified services for your facility.

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