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  • Entris 2 Totalization

    If you wonder how the Entris 2 scale’s totalization feature works, you’ve come to the right place. The Entris 2 scale is an excellent piece of equipment that every lab owner should consider purchasing and using for accurate and precise measurements. These lab balances are equipped… Read More

  • Cleaning Cubis II Balance

    You have come to the right place for basic and advanced cleaning for your Cubis II ultra-high resolution balance. In this article, we’ll review cleaning these devices so you can work the best in your laboratory setting. Certain chemicals should be used,… Read More

  • A Guide to Metrology

    If you’re reading this article, you’re likely curious about what metrology is. Metrology is the science and practice of any measurement. It involves studying measurement techniques, standards, and systems to help ensure precision and accuracy in measuring different physical quantities like… Read More

  • Cubis 2 Motion Sensor

    If you’re here, you are likely wondering how to work your Cubis 2 motion sensor for your laboratory. Usually, something is electrostatically charged before the process begins. Read on to learn how to navigate your Cubis 2 motion sensor!

  • Cubis 2 Printer Queue

    Thermal transfer printing is an excellent method for raw data logging by measurement devices. With your Cubis 2 scale, you can print out your data. With this method, an ink ribbon runs through the printer synchronously with the print medium, and then… Read More

  • Cubis 2 User Management

    With completely configurable software, hardware, and connectivity, Cubis 2 offers a high-quality, high-performance balance that aligns with your lab’s unique demands and other compliance requirements. If you’d like to learn about the user management of Cubis 2 and a brief breakthrough of its… Read More

  • Laboratory Balance Terminology

    You must know all laboratory balance terminology if you work in a laboratory. You can help educate your entire staff by knowing what every balance term also means. Read on to learn about a few of the basics of laboratory balance terminology!

  • What is a Granite Weighing Table?

    A granite weighing table is an essential piece of lab equipment that any laboratory should have available. A granite weighing platform is usually used with micro balances for several reasons. If you want to learn which components make up a granite weighing… Read More

  • Test Weight Adjustments Class 1

    Class 1 weights have a very high level of accuracy and are used as a recognized reference standard. Adjusting these weights will require careful attention to detail and adherence to correct procedures. This article contains a general outline of this entire process…. Read More

  • Quality Metrics for Syringes

    If you want to learn about quality metrics testing for syringes used in your lab, you’ve come to the right article. We at the Lab People can help break down the process for a peel test on a syringe blister… Read More

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