3 Different Kinds of Serological Pipettes

3 Different Kinds of Serological Pipettes

Serological pipettes are one variation of pipettes that must be prioritized in your lab setting.

If you look in a laboratory, you know just how important having different types of pipettes is. Serological pipettes are one variation of pipettes that must be prioritized in your lab setting. They are commonly used for transferring milliliter volumes of liquid ranging from 1 milliliter to 50 milliliters. There are three different kinds of serological pipettes, all of which serve a different purpose in testing and experimenting. Read on to learn about these three various kinds of serological pipettes!

Open-End Pipettes

Open-end pipettes are specially designed pipettes that feature open-end for use with higher viscosity liquids. The open-end design allows for these pipettes to aspirate and dispense vicious liquids easily and quickly. Therefore, the fast-fill and release rates make these serological pipettes well suited for use with cosmetics, oils, paint, sludge, cell culture, and food applications. These open-ended pipettes are made of polystyrene plastic and provide a much safer alternative to glass pipettes.

Bacteriological Pipettes

Used mainly in the examination of certain dairy products or milk, bacteriological pipettes are designed for the use in the dairy field. These sterile, non-pyrogenic, single-used bacteriological pipettes are sterilized by gamma irradiation and come wrapped up individually in thermoformed plastic/paper peel packaging. These pipettes utilize a fiber filter that helps prevent fluids or liquid-vapor contamination of samples and the pipette’s internal mechanism. This pipette is then calibrated to deliver at the proper measurement and meet the correct standards.

Aspirating Pipettes

Unlike open-ended and bacteriological pipettes, aspirating pipettes are entirely transparent and do not have any gradations. Designed for the transferring and mixing of multiple liquids, they are used in various applications, like vacuum or pipette aspiration procedures. These non-pyrogenic, single-use, non-plugged polystyrene pipettes are a much safer alternative to glass Pasteur pipettes in your lab.

These aspirating pipettes come wrapped up individually in thermoformed paper or plastic peel to protect against contamination. Sterilized by gamma irradiation, these types of pipettes have a sterility assurance level of 10 – 6. Consider these for multiple different uses within your lab setting.

Now that we’ve reviewed these three main types of serological pipettes, you should have a bit of a better understanding of the unique capabilities of each kind of pipette. Give the Lab People a call today if you’d like to learn more!


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