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  • Cubis 2 Motion Sensor

    If you’re here, you are likely wondering how to work your Cubis 2 motion sensor for your laboratory. Usually, something is electrostatically charged before the process begins. Read on to learn how to navigate your Cubis 2 motion sensor!

  • Cubis 2 Printer Queue

    Thermal transfer printing is an excellent method for raw data logging by measurement devices. With your Cubis 2 scale, you can print out your data. With this method, an ink ribbon runs through the printer synchronously with the print medium, and then… Read More

  • Cubis 2 User Management

    With completely configurable software, hardware, and connectivity, Cubis 2 offers a high-quality, high-performance balance that aligns with your lab’s unique demands and other compliance requirements. If you’d like to learn about the user management of Cubis 2 and a brief breakthrough of its… Read More

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