Cubis 2 Printer Queue

Cubis 2 Printer Queue

This article contains information about the Cubis 2 printer queue.

Thermal transfer printing is an excellent method for raw data logging by measurement devices. With your Cubis 2 scale, you can print out your data. With this method, an ink ribbon runs through the printer synchronously with the print medium, and then the ink is transferred exactly onto a print medium by selectively heating the print head. Thermal transfer printing could be used on conventional print media, like standard paper or films, producing a stable and non-fading printed image. The printout is archive-appropriate, similar to printouts from dot matrix printers and office printers. Read on to learn more about the Cubis 2 printer queue!

Cubis 2 Tutorial Print Queue

While using the Cubis 2, there are some basic instructions to follow while trying to print. First, open the Cubis 2 device, then click on weighing. This will start up the weighing tab. From here, you can enter the gross amount you’d like to weigh. You can use this section as a calculator for the desired amount you want to weigh. The Cubis 2 also allows you to create a printed page containing multiple gross amounts. The Cubis 2 lets you flag a value as invalid, where you can also document the reasons to flag a value as invalid. You could put anything as a reason, like “error,” for example. You can print out the desired weighing amounts here for your laboratory purposes.

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