Cubis 2 User Management

Cubis 2 User Management

Cubis 2 offers a high-quality, high-performance balance that aligns with your lab’s unique demands and other compliance requirements.

With completely configurable software, hardware, and connectivity, Cubis 2 offers a high-quality, high-performance balance that aligns with your lab’s unique demands and other compliance requirements. If you’d like to learn about the user management of Cubis 2 and a brief breakthrough of its settings, you have come to the right article. Read on to learn all about Cubis 2 user management!

Cubis 2 Laboratory Balance: Its Primary Functions

Weighing in a regulated environment could be complex, with stringent compliance directives and controls required to deliver the reliability and accuracy of results required by the pharmaceutical industry. One of the technologies that help scientists and researchers achieve this accuracy level is the Cubis 2 balance from Sartorius. All weighing modules of the Cubis 2 balance are made for intuitive operation, which is further aided by intelligent diagnostic systems. These design elements will guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while lowering the probability of genuine human error during measurement procedures. It offers modern user interfaces, GxP, and pharmaceutical compliance, including data handling, data connectivity and integrity, ergonomic sampling handling, simple process integration, and unlimited communication at the highest level of precision and accuracy.

The Settings Tutorial for User Management

For a brief settings tutorial for user management, you can start up the Cubis 2 balance. From here, follow these steps:

– Click on the settings wrench logo on the bottom right

– Then click on user management, then administrator, and then the pencil logo on the top right

– From here, click on login method, then local password, and then the checkmark on the bottom right of the screen

– Go back into the settings, click on access management, then rules, automatic logout, and click on when you’d want the profile to sign out during inactivity. 5, 10, or 15 minutes are all popular choices

– You can also set a password minimum for length in the settings. This means you can set it to a certain number of characters and letters. Setting a password validity period to a specific amount of days is another way to ensure that the Cubis 2 is secure from possible unwanted users.

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