A Helpful Guide for Laboratory Chillers and Water Baths

A Helpful Guide for Laboratory Chillers and Water Baths

A lot of laboratory procedures have to be performed at a specific temperature, and lab chillers play a big role in that.

A lot of laboratory procedures have to be performed at a specific temperature. Not only that, but the exact temperature has to be maintained for a long period of time without ever fluctuating. That is why devices are required in the lab for lowering and raising temperatures. This is where laboratory chillers and water baths come into play. Read on to learn more about laboratory chillers and water baths and why your lab needs them!

What is the Primary Function of a Chiller and Water Bath in Your Lab?

Lab chillers and water baths are both used for lowering and raising temperatures. Water baths are used to help elevate temperatures, while lab chillers are used to help lower temperatures. A water bath is a kind of precision instrument that is calibrated for both reliability and accuracy. Chillers are refrigerated devices that are used to cool off a sample to preserve temperature. This is done by removing heat and transferring it to another element. These elements are usually water or air.

When Should You Use a Chiller or Water Bath in the Laboratory?

Chillers and water baths are ideally used for any liquid samples that can’t be exposed to direct heat. These substances would usually include biological materials or flammable liquids. Water baths are designed with a unit that will heat or cool liquid samples to the desired temperature. The unit has a chamber that contains the water and a control station to help present temperatures. The samples are usually in glass vials and placed in a chamber for either cooling or heating.

What You Should Consider While Picking a Chiller and Water Bath

Temperature is important. It is crucial to consider the temperatures that you usually work in and if a water chiller could be added to the standard unit. The range of temperature will also depend on the technology used for chilling and heating and on the kind of fluid used in your bath. Temperature uniformity and stability are essential as well. Here you have to think about how accurate your results need to be and if you can use a lid or stirred unit. The application of the water bath will also determine the need for any accuracy. Unstirred water baths aren’t able to reach a very high-temperature uniformity because of their convection currents. Temperature stability within or around -.2 degrees Celsius is okay for most of your applications.

Power is also something to consider. The heating and cooling rates are affected by the power of your water bath. You also need to consider how long your system takes to stabilize before it could be used. Different capacity units have different kinds of rates.


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