Case Study: Can Minebea High Precision Load Cells Provide Accuracy and Precision in the Biopharmaceutical Laboratory?

Key Facts

Case Study: Can Minebea High Precision Load Cells Provide Accuracy and Precision in the Biopharmaceutical Laboratory?

Many wonder if Minebea’s load cells can provide accuracy and precision in the laboratory.

  • Mismanagement of ingredients has resulted in many bad batches of critical products and threatening their current customer contracts.
  • Estimates of the cost from wasted time, components, and resources are about $30,000 per batch
  • Data from quality control labs have to be integrated into an SAP software
  • New FDA regulations require companies to minimize human error and automate workflows, including software integration and communication with weighing systems


Minebea load cells can increase yield and eliminate bad batches by delivering higher precision weight measurements of different tanks.


  • Minebea, High Precision Load Cells for Tank and Hoppers
  • Sartorius, Cubis 2 Lab Balance

Customer Benefits

  • Increased yield and elimination of bad batches
  • Higher precision weight measurements of tanks
  • Prompted and accurate data on the sequence of ingredients and timing
  • Both Sartorius and Minebea equipment can be connected to existing SAP software so QC can review production and lab results

The Customer

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer. “Committed to quality in everything we do – for every product and employee. Quality is not just a responsibility; it is a mindset.” They aspire to have every single ounce of effort contributing to the cost-effective enhancement of patient health, customer ease, and well-being for employees. This company is regulated by FDA and must comply with GMP. They producing Pharmaceutical products for a variety of diseases.

Project Goal and Implementation

The goal’s main focus was to see if these laboratory products (load cells and lab balance) can actively handle the precision, measurement, and weighing of ingredients. For the load cells, they were tested with RNA fragments of the COVID-19 virus. They were inserted into the adenovirus to form a recombinant protein vaccine. This combination product was then placed into a bioreactor, where three compact PR 6212 load cells were installed underneath. In this bioreactor, the mix of products is scaled up and purified under accurate and precisely controlled conditions to create the vaccine. The PR6212 load cell is used to measure weight in real-time to make proper adjustments as quickly as possible. The load cell results are very accurate, even though the bioreactor is always stirring the materials, making the precise measurements a bit more demanding.

Load cells are then connected into a PR 6130/655 junction box, which has an IP protection of up to IP 69. This protects the load cells from the outside environment, including moisture, temperature, and debris, and will help extend the service life and require less maintenance.

Sartorius Cubis 2 Lab balances is the most advanced balance available today. All weighing modules of the Cubis 2 balance are designed for intuitive operations, further aided by intelligent diagnostic systems. These intricate design elements will guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different types of workflows while lowering the overall possibility of human error during measurements. It offers the largest selection of sample weighing accessories for syringes, tubes, stents, and more. The balance offers modern user interfaces, pharmaceutical, and GxP compliance, along with data handling, data integrity, ergonomic sample handling, simple process integration, and unlimited communication at the very highest level of precision and accuracy. As mentioned earlier, both Sartorius and Minebea software and equipment can be hooked up to existing SAP software for accurate reviews on production and laboratory results.


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