Cleaning Cubis II Balance

Cleaning Cubis II Balance

You have come to the right place for basic and advanced cleaning for your Cubis II ultra-high resolution balance.

You have come to the right place for basic and advanced cleaning for your Cubis II ultra-high resolution balance. In this article, we’ll review cleaning these devices so you can work the best in your laboratory setting. Certain chemicals should be used, and certain parts should be cleaned. Read on to learn about the process of cleaning your Cubis II balance.

How to Keep the Device Consistently Clean

The description below is recommended to do daily, after the user logs out or while changing the weighing task. For preparation, place your balance into standby mode, remove the tools from your cleaning kit, and then prepare paper tissues and cleaning reagents. We recommend water or about 70% ethanol. For balance disassembly and cleaning, remove the weighing pan, clean it with a brush, and reinsert it. Wipe off the base plate with a soft brush or wet tissue to ensure no residue is left in this space.

Which Parts of the Cubis Balance Can Be Removed for Cleaning?

Sartorius’s high-resolution balances allow for a high level of tool-free assembly and disassembly. All relevant parts, such as the draft shields, front shield, base plates, and weighing pants of the weighing chamber, can be removed easily. This way, cleaning off the parts and areas that are otherwise hard to reach is possible without any limitations. The base plate itself is made to prevent liquids or solids from getting into the inner parts.

Each Sartorius balance is equipped with a cleaning kit which has useful tools for the cleaning process. The kit includes some of the following tools:

– Microfiber tissues: for cleaning the display and palm keys

– Forceps: for picking up the balance parts or solids in the weighing chamber

– Hard and soft brushes for collecting solids in your weighing chambers’ corners

Which Chemicals Could Be Used for Cleaning?

The Cubis II balances are long-lasting instruments. The materials are driven by meeting the highest requirements in terms of weighing performances and chemical compatibility. The latter will ensure contamination doesn’t easily damage your balance, and the respective spillover can be removed using different cleaning agents or solvents. Consider using 70% ethanol, 70% isopropanol, or water to clean the balance.

How to Handle Balance Parts?

To avoid any parts of the balance from breaking, it is highly recommended to handle it with care. Significantly, the parts of the draft shield could be damaged quite easily while they’re uninstalled. Make sure you have enough place around your balance before you start cleaning to keep the balance parts somewhere safe while also taking care of any contamination.


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