Critical Questions to Ask Your Pipette Calibration Provider

Critical Questions to Ask Your Pipette Calibration Provider

Pipettes have to be serviced on a consistent basis, typically once every six or so months, to ensure optimal performance.

A pipette has to be serviced on a consistent basis, typically once every six or so months, to ensure optimal performance. However, not every single calibration provider offers high-quality services like The Lab People. Options you might be considering for your pipette calibration include:

  • Sending your units to a third-party company.
  • Having a technician come into your laboratory.
  • Sending your pipettes back to their original manufacturer.

There is a lot that you should be asking regarding your pipettes. Read on for a few critical questions to ask your calibration provider while deciding who will perform this essential service for your pipettes.

Do You Perform Maintenance with Original Pipette Manufacturer Parts?

Preventative maintenance will allow a unit to work in excellent condition and reduces the chances of problems from happening in the future. Before calibration, ensure that your provider performs consistent maintenance, like replacing filters and seals, function, and leak tests. Make sure parts are always of quality make and fit the pipette properly, if not right these parts could affect performance and require much more maintenance. We at the Lab People will always use the original manufacturer’s pieces for maintaining or repairing your pipettes.

Are You ISO 17025 Certified, with the Capability of Performing to ISO 8655

This might sound like two separate questions, but both of these standards go hand in hand. ISO 17025 provides standards for testing and calibration of all types of equipment. ISO 8655 requirements are specific for the overall calibration of pipettes. Your service provider has to be in compliance with both ISO 17025 and ISO 8655, as neither standard separately would be that efficient. Make sure you’re asking your calibration provider if they are compliant with these standards to make sure you receive the most reliable and accurate calibration.

Do You Have Warranties for Your Pipette Services?

If any problems happen during or following your pipette’s calibration, make sure your calibration provider has got you covered. Insurance is important, and manufacturers typically have warranties on their service and parts to protect their customers in case anything goes wrong.  The Lab People offer service warranty on pipette calibrations.  We stand behind our work!

Do You Have Any Kind of Asset Management System?

If you have a considerable number of pipettes inside your laboratory, it is important to keep track of each one’s history. Which pipette already received some service? Which pipette still requires some service? How long until I have to send it back? Which type of service was performed over a year ago? Do not make it a guessing game, and ensure your calibration provider has the system to keep track of everything.


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