How to Decide on the Right Floor Scale

How to Decide on the Right Floor Scale

If you require some heavy-duty weighing of drums or IBC totes, a floor scale is an economical and versatile solution.

If you’re in the market for a floor scale, then there is a lot you need to know. Floor scales are weighing scales with the ability to read anything from 0.01lbs/0.005kg and capacities that could range between 165lbs or 75kgs and 1320lbs and 600kgs. They typically feature a big platform and are used on the floor, hence their name as the floor scale. They are less precise and compact than the average bench scale and platform scale, but they’ve got a much higher capacity without sacrificing too much precision. If you require some heavy-duty weighing under a ton, a floor scale is a brilliant idea. Most floor scales offer some kind of indicator on a pillar attached to a stainless steel platform. They’re quite useful, with features for counting and checking weighing materials in your lab. Read on to learn all about floor scales and how to pick the best one!

Why Use Floor Scales?

Floor scales offer a mix of high capacity and mid-grade readability that makes them great for industrial tasks like batching, processing, manufacturing, sorting, and more. They are packed with different features designed to help speed up repetitive tasks for counting and weighing larger qualities. A floor scale is dependable for demanding environments, especially in food and pharma manufacturing facilities. A nice floor scale can save you a lot of time and money as well, as they’re great for mixing large quantities of chemicals and ingredients, as it ensures that these products remain consistent even while their production is scaled.

The Proper Indicator

Make sure to consider the indicator while you are purchasing a floor scale. If you do a lot of different manual sample entries, it is worth investing in a full numeric keypad too or a barcode scanner. A lot of floor scales with a counting function feature numeric keypads, so they’re a solid place to start if you need one. If you do plenty of sorting, then a check weighing indicator with bright stack lights and audible alarms can help speed up tasks quickly.  Indicators offer a wide array of communication outputs for connectivity and integration into your process lines.  Make sure the platform and indicator have the right ingress protection for your environment.  


Good quality floor scales should have quick stabilization time, and good solid construction with quality electronics. Ensure that the indicator is showing accurate readouts by doing verification testing using grip weights.  The Lab People can help sell you the proper grip weights to do these checks. A solid floor scale should be very intuitive and simple to use with little to no training and should be able to repeat heavy-duty tasks for weighing for optimal productivity. If you weigh items in the same containers, then consider purchasing a floor scale with a preset tare. Come into the Lab People today to learn more!


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