How to Manage Your Laboratory’s Cryogenic Storage

How to Manage Your Laboratory’s Cryogenic Storage

Cryogenics are used in laboratories to establish frigid temperatures for conducting specific experiments.

Cryogenic freezing is the process of cold preservation that is accomplished with freezing cold temperatures. We are talking a bone-chilling -150 degrees Celsius or -238 degrees Fahrenheit. The storage method is derived from the unique science of cryogenics, which is about creating cold environments and studying what the precise results are for samples that experience very low temperatures. Making the low temperatures that cause cryogenic temperatures in the first place isn’t anything like turning down the dial in your home’s freezer. It typically requires liquefied gases, such as helium or nitrogen. Once they are liquid, they can cause very low temperatures too. Cryogenics are used in laboratories to establish frigid temperatures for conducting specific experiments.

Just like the actual creation of a low-temperature environment has its challenges similarly, cryogenic storage can be a complicated business. Avoiding damage to samples in cryogenic freezers is very important, and the kind of storage that is utilized can make a huge difference. Read on for a couple of the best options available for cryogenic storage in your lab!

Cryogenic Vials

It is hard to imagine any cryogenic experiments without cryogenic. These are used for storage in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen, and they have a unique screw cap with a silicone washer for a more secure seal, along with a star-shaped upright design on the bottom so the vials can stand on their own. We sell cryogenic vials at the Lab People, so if you’d like to learn more about them, come give us a visit!


When you’re trying to transport or store any lab samples, icewares are an excellent answer. From ice buckets to ice pans in multiple sizes, they can come tricked out with circular or rectangular floating racks for storing any microcentrifuge tubes on dry ice or arranging your cryovials right in a bucket of dry ice. Also, ice buckets and pans are able to store both hot and cold items in your lab.

Polypropylene Freezer Boxes

Colorful polypropylene boxes won’t only brighten up your freezer. They’ll also withstand temperatures up to -80 degrees Celsius. They have numbered tube wells and are also autoclavable for sterilization. They’re typically available with a hinged or friction, your lab’s choice.

Stainless Steel Freezer Racks

Stainless steel freezer storage racks are usually fabricated from corrosion-resistant steel, which allows them to withstand the low temperatures of cryogenic freezing. Look for any racks with handles at both ends to accommodate a right or left-opening freezer.


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