Integrate your Cubis Balance with the LIMS System

Integrate your Cubis Balance with the LIMS system

Read on to learn more about integrating your CUBIS balance with a LIMS system in your lab!

The completeness and accuracy of lab data are also essential for safe product development and production. Violation of data integrity can have severe implications for human safety and health. In recent years, data integrity violations have increased significantly. Therefore, companies have been turning to integrated informatics solutions, such as ELN, LIMS, SDMS, and SCADA systems, to help manage their data handling and to help ensure data integrity is present throughout their laboratory work. A total solution can only be achieved if the lab equipment is fully integrated into the computerized system to help prevent any errors caused by any manual data handling or disregarding of SOP or standard operating procedures and instructions. Read on to learn more about integrating your CUBIS balance with a LIMS system in your lab!

Sartorius Cubis Lab Balances

Sartorius Cubis is one of the first series of lab balances to feature a modular design. It enables you to combine display and control units, weighing modules, data interface modules, and many more. The unique Cubis individual concept allows you to create a customized profile for your specific application requirements without using a laptop or computer. Start by integrating data into the software infrastructure and continue right on to implementing total control of your weighing process. The primary lab balances have become the benchmark for usage in regulated sectors that impose the highest requirements, like in any global pharmaceutical lab.

The Best Solutions for Regulated Labs

The trustworthiness of data is essential in regulated labs. By fully integrating Cubis into STARLIMS, it has been demonstrated that we can successfully minimize data integrity problems and increase the amount of automation with this solution. No manual data handling is required. WHO Data integrity guidance states that data integrity risks are higher when the processes are performed manually or paper-based. Our outlined solution will reduce manual data entry to a bare minimum. The weighing process comprises no manual data entry steps. The identification of a sample is then made through its barcode, and results are automatically transmitted. This means the probability of transmission errors and data loss from paper-based recording is reduced significantly.

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