Monitoring COVID Virus in Environment Samples, Air, and Water

Monitoring COVID Virus in Environment Samples, Air, and Water

We have to make sure we are monitoring the COVID virus in environmental samples, air samples, and water samples.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, it is still as important as ever to test for it not only in our personal lives but within our work too. If you work in a laboratory, healthcare facility, or testing facility, you know just how important keeping everything from equipment to samples free of contaminates is. This is why we have to make sure we are monitoring the COVID virus in environmental samples, air samples, and water samples. Read on to learn more!

Collection of Viruses Within Air Samples

Water-soluble gelatin membrane filters are the best way to capture COVID in air samples quickly. Through the help of a portable AirPort MD8 air sampler, the air of high-contamination risk areas can be fully sampled for the coronavirus. After sampling, the membrane filter can be dissolved in minimal volumes of buffer or water, helping with RNA sample preparation before rapid test methods like PCR.

Concentration of Viruses Within Water Samples

Ultrafiltration products are great for isolating and concentrating viruses or virus-like particles from drinking, waste, and surface water samples before the final detection methods, like PT-PCR. Sartorius offers various ultrafiltration devices for different sample volumes, from microliters to additional liters. The product range includes other membrane materials and molecular weight cutoffs to help cover multiple applications.

Pipetting and Different Sample Transfer

In detecting SARS-CoV-2, RNA preparation and RT-PCR are pipetting-intensive protocols and for which precise, accurate, and contamination free pipetting is needed. If you would like to learn a lot more about how to keep all of your lab samples free from the COVID-19 virus, come into the Lab People today! Suppose you’d like to collect viruses from air samples, look for solutions to concentrate viruses from various water samples, or optimize how you deal with your samples. In that case, we offer solutions to help facilitate your work.


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