PCR with Picus Pipette

PCR with Picus Pipette

In today’s blog, we will go over electronic pipettes for pipetting Master mix for PCR. 

The sensitivity of quantitative polymerase chain reaction, or qPCR-based assays, is one of the fundamental reasons for their success and abundant use in specific laboratories. However, other factors, including pipetting technique, can influence PCR assay results. PCR Master mix is used routinely during PCR set-up but could be challenging to the pipette accurately. In today’s blog, we will go over electronic pipettes for pipetting Master mix for PCR. Electronic pipettes ensured both the reproducibility and speed of the results.

PCR-based applications have become crucial for biopharmaceutical processes, clinical diagnostics, and academic research. However, variability in assay results could be an issue while performing Quantitative PCR. Pipetting errors are some of the variability sources that are crucial to focus on. Master mixing is a tough reagent to pipette during a PCR set-up. Usually, Master mixes will contain polymerase, dNTPs, and MgCI in buffers that could contain Tween or glycerol. Today, mixes are commercially available as ready-to-use and easy solutions. They’re slightly viscous and cold since they must be kept on ice, and these properties make it hard to pipette correct volumes.

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Methods: Pipettes and Pipette Tips

Sartorius Picus pipettes, Sartorius Safety space Low Retention filter tips, and Sartorius SafetySpace filter tips were used for testing. Multi-dispensing pipetting mode on Picus were used, and pipetting parameters for the electronic pipette were set around the speed setting of 1 when pipetting Master mix.

PCR Pipetting and its Results

For pipetting Master mix in PCR-based assays, electronic pipetting ensured high accuracy and precision. Also, it increased the speed to help complete the assay, making it a much more ergonomic choice since it reduces the time spent pipetting. Therefore, using an electronic pipette will reduce the chances of Repetitive strain injury for a laboratory worker, make the experience much less error-prone, and it is the more environmentally friendly option since it uses fewer pipette tips for the same kind of experiment.

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