Pipettes for Cannabis Testing

Pipettes for Cannabis Testing

The expanding cannabis industry must comply with strict regulatory requirements to help ensure the quality and safety of cannabis and other cannabis-derived products.

The expanding cannabis industry must comply with strict regulatory requirements to help ensure the quality and safety of cannabis and other cannabis-derived products. Testing for any impurities like heavy metals, fungicides, and pesticides requires highly sensitive methods such as HPLC, GC-Ms, or ICP-MS. Still, these methods can be susceptible to impurities originating from sources other than the target materials themselves. Common or low-quality lab materials can be a source of leachable compounds that will transmit to an aqueous solution in contact with the plastic. Most manufacturers test their plastic consumables but fall short when reaching strict requirements of extremely sensitive analytics. Read on to learn about pipettes and their use for cannabis testing in labs.

Heavy Metal Analysis of Pipette Tips with ICP-MS

The most prevalently required heavy metals tested from cannabis are regulated products: Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, and Lead. The acceptable level of these elements within medical cannabis products differs within local regulations. Still, in general, the limit is in the range of a few hundred parts per billion. Sartorius pipette tips were found not to leach any regulated elements of concentrations that could interfere with the testing of heavy metals for cannabis.

Plastic Leachables in HPLC or GC-MS, or LC-MS Cannabis Testing

Cannabis testing labs use both liquid and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry as the different chemicals or interests are only stable in conditions of one or the other method. GC-MS and LC-MS analysis has been done for Sartorius pipette tips. The only chemical components that GC-MS quantified were oleamide, at a maximum concentration of 0.11 ppm, and erucamide and bDtBpp-phosphate were quantified at a maximum concentration of about 0.14 ppm and 0.026 ppm, respectively, in LC-MS.

How Pipetting works for Cannabis Lab Testing

Sartorius pipette tips, including SafetySpace tips and their lower retention variants, are ideally suited for any extremely sensitive cannabis quality control testing. The pipette tips are related to the relevant application and free of leaching chemical compounds or heavy metal elements like cadmium, arsenic, mercury, or other lead, enabling interference-free analytics. Sartorius pipette tips, sold by the Lab People, should be used for testing cannabis in your laboratory to get the best results with the best possible accuracy and precision.


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