Preparing Standards with Cubis 2 Balance

Preparing Standards with Cubis 2 Balance

Read on to learn more about preparing standards with a Cubis 2 Balance!

External standards are separated samples used to compare different samples, while internal standards are added to the samples for analysis. However, all standards have a well-defined concentration, of these standards have to be accurate as possible to help prevent subsequent errors in determining unknown concentrations within samples. Also, preparing standards is routine work within analytical labs; two problems could occur when the standards are manually prepared from soluble solids. Read on to learn more about preparing standards with a Cubis 2 Balance!

Problem 1 with Manually Prepared Standards 

Any soluble component’s required weight is calculated based on the desired final component concentration and its final solution volume. The decisive issue is the weighing process of a solid component. Typically, high-resolution lab balances with an accuracy of several decimal places are also used to measure the exact weight, and it’s almost impossible to reach a target weight precisely to the last digit during weighing within a component. Usually, the measured component weight exceeds the target weight since users do not want to weigh in less than required but do not hit precisely the same weight. Especially while preparing any mixed standards, removing excess materials from the vessel without impairing the components and final concentrations is impossible. 

Problem 2 with Manually Prepared Standards 

If the component weight doesn’t precisely equal the calculated weight, the volume of a solvent has to be adjusted to reach its desired final concentration. Recalculating the required solvent volume can be time-consuming and is a potential source of error as many factors must be considered. Depending on the kind of concentration specified, different parameters have to be considered, like the desired concentration, purity of a substance, the amount that is weighed, and potentially even the molecular weight. For inexperienced users, recalculating the component weight usually takes a long time, whereas experienced users typically find this tedious, so inadvertent errors can occur. 

How Cubis Software Can Help with Preparation 

The Cubis MCA software Standard preparation is designed to eliminate the described problems. The system guides a user automatically throughout preparing standards, and the application software will automatically take care of any calculations in the background. There isn’t a need to reach the target weight precisely as the software automatically calculates the required solvent volume based on the gravimetrically measured component weights. After a user applies the solvent, the added weight is gravimetrically checked and using the value, the verified concentrations and the verified volume of a standard prepared are then calculated. This Standard preparation application works with a database to help save components, samples, and solvents. 

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