Tacta Mechanical Pipette

Tacta Mechanical Pipette

Tacta makes pipetting both effortless and safe while producing reliable and accurate results time after time.

Tacta makes pipetting both effortless and safe while producing reliable and accurate results time after time. It is designed to fit and feel great in your hand and is simple and comfortable to use. To learn more about these excellent mechanical pipettes provided by Sartorius, read on!

Pipetting Made Simple with Tacta

Tacta rests lightly in your hands thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and finger hook. It is easy to use and exceptionally comfortable to hold. Tacta will ease your workload and protect you from any repetitive strain, The pipette finds its place in your hand, and you barely have to grip the handle at all.

Dependable Results

Accidental volume changes during pipetting will be a thing of the past with the use of the Sartorius Optilock feature on your Tacta. Set and lock the volume by either holding the volume lock button with just one hand and adjusting the volume with the other, then releasing it to lock, or, simply by using your hand by sliding the volume lock right up, adjusting the volume, and then sliding the lock back down. The choice can be yours. You’re also able to set the volume without straining your eyes with a large and easy-to-read display. With Tacta pipettes, volume is easy to read even while the pipette is held at an angle, which will eliminate the need to turn your head into an uncomfortable position.

Low Operating Forces

The force required for a total pipetting cycle, from tip attachment to pipetting and, tip ejection, is quite low with Tacta, protecting you from possible Repetitive Strain Injury. The Optiload feature, with its spring-loaded tip cones in both the multichannel and single-channel models, secures tip loading with perfect sealing or minimal force.

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