The Top Benefits of Switching from Mechanical to Electronic Pipettes

The Top Benefits of Switching from Mechanical to Electronic Pipettes

The Sartorius electronic pipette, which is provided by the Lab People, is very beneficial for various reasons.

The pipette is to a scientist, what a pen is to a writer. It is a key instrument that is used daily in pharmaceutical and biological laboratories. Pipettes come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different technologies incorporated into their dessin and function. One of the most significant advances in pipette technology was the invention of electronic pipettes, which have revolutionized the modern lab’s testing efficiency. The Sartorius electronic pipette, which is provided by the Lab People, is very beneficial for various applications. Read on to learn why you should make the switch from mechanical to electronic pipettes.


One of the top benefits of these pipettes is how much they can increase your productivity in the lab. Scientists have a limited amount of time to spend in their laboratory each day, and any advantage that could reduce the amount of time spent pipetting is quite beneficial. Further to this, specific protocols require reagents to be added to reaction wells across a well plate quickly, all while maintaining accuracy. Electronic pipettes can be a huge help to scientists in these types of situations.

Master Mix Pipetting with Sartorius Electronic Pipettes

In an experiment using Sartorius Picus pipettes, Sartorius SafetySpace Low Retention filter tips, and SafetySpace filter tips, it was shown that pipetting Master Mix for PCR-based assays, electronic pipettes ensured high accuracy and precision. Additionally, it helped increase the speed to complete the assay, making it a much more ergonomic option since it cuts back on the amount of time spent pipetting. Therefore, the use of an electronic pipette would reduce the chances of any repetitive strain injuries for laboratory workers. This makes the experiment less error-prone, and it is also much more environmentally friendly since it used fewer pipette tips for the exact same experiment.

Serial Dilutions with Electronic Pipettes

While using Sartorius electronic pipettes for serial dilutions in the lab, a few conclusions were made. It is still a challenging process, but using an electronic pipette can significantly improve the process. Preparation of any serial dilutions using electronical pipettes is quite reliable, and it ensures that the two primary challenges – accuracy and time – can be held to a minimum.

Summary of Mechanical vs. Electronic Pipettes

Electronic pipettes are much better than mechanical pipettes for long pipetting series, like the preparation of serial dilutions, because electronic operations help enable more smooth and precise piston movement compared to manual pipetting. Also, electronic pipettes give reproducible results because the pipetted volumes are independent of pipetting experience of the user, as hand control is no longer needed.

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