Weigh Any Sample with Cubis Balance

Weigh Any Sample with Cubis Balance

Using Cubis Vial and Flask Holders during weighing workflows will improve general usability and result in quicker stabilization time and much better repeatability.

Cubis Vial and Flask Holders are specially designed weighing pans that could enable ergonomic sample weighing directly into different conical tubes, vessels, and other round-bottomed flasks, which dramatically simplifies the process for both sample and solution preparation. Using Cubis Vial and Flask Holders during these weighing workflows will improve general usability and result in quicker stabilization time and much better repeatability. Read on to learn how to weigh any sample with a Cubis balance.

Different Applications

Buffer, or stock solutions and standard preparations, are some of the most commonly occurring weighing processes in various testing, QC, analytical, and research labs of biopharma, pharma, chemistry, and life science industries. Conical Tubes are one of the most widespread formats of vials used in each lab. In contrast, round-bottomed flasks are usually used in QC, chemical, and analytical labs for titration, separation, and other analytical processes.

Due to their unique form, placing these tasks directly on a flat weighing pan is hard, if not impossible. However, the results’ quality is ultimately important when it comes to a stock solution, buffer, or any analytical standard preparation. Therefore, using any special weighing pans designed to hold these flasks while not compromising weighing accuracy is very important.

Sartorius offers various design variants of any vial holders for Cubis high capacity micro balances, semi-micro, and other analytical balances to help support the ergonomic weighing during the particular weighing workflows. Made up of titanium, not only is the highest material quality fully guaranteed but the repeatability is not compromised because of its non-magnetic properties.


Sartorius has conducted a repeatability test and test on stabilization time and quantified the balance performance. A 14 mL centrifuge tube was used for the testing, and the results were compared between the vial holder and the standard weighing pan. Measurements were repeated three times with each weighing pan. Tests made on a Cubis High capacity Micro Balance were useful. The performance of the PSH22 vial holder was compared to the many corresponding standards weighing pan using a robust supporting flask to hold the centrifuge tube. Measurements without a proper supporting flask on a standard pan might not be executed because the tube was rolling away.

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