Weighing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Liquid Medicine

Weighing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Liquid Medicine

If you’d like to learn more about weighing for pharmaceutical manufacturing with liquid medicine, you’ve come to the right article.

Different installation heights, compliance with some hygienic design directives, total weighing reliability, and other reproducible weighing solution results presented a challenging task for the plant manufacturer Pharmatec. If you’d like to learn more about weighing for pharmaceutical manufacturing with liquid medicine, you’ve come to the right article. Read on to learn more!

Critical Facts About Weighing for Pharmaceutical Weighing

The large pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharmatec GmbH tasked Minebea Intec with installing six vessel scales in its production process for different liquid medicines. The application was carried out and based on overseeing a hygienically clean production environment while achieving precise measurements and results.


Liquid medicines are made in the customer’s plant in Middle-East Asia. This means specific standards in measurement accuracy, hygiene, and reproducibility are needed. Products include:

  • Weighing module Novego
  • Cable junction box PR 6130
  • Weight indicator X3 with ProfiNet interface

Benefits for the Customer 

Some of the customer benefits include:

  • High process precision and reliability
  • High insensitivity to help transverse forces
  • Hygienic designs will ensure efficient cleaning processes
  • High resistance against any corrosion and cleaning agents

The Project Goal and Its Implementation

The main plan was to build a medicine plant for the Kingdom of Bahrain. Pharmatec won the tender but faced a difficult task: the tiniest possible quantities had to be accurately closed from the tanks, which had a capacity of different tonnes, to the militre. High-precision measurements and reliable reproducibility of the measurement results have to be guaranteed. High-precision and reliable weighing technology was a necessary prerequisite to help ensure all requirements were met. Even minor deviations could lead to potentially harmful consequences in producing different medicines. Pharmatec, therefore, has decided on the weighing module Novego from Mineabea Intec.

In addition to process requirements, the local conditions also presented some additional issues, and several visits by specialist staff were required just for constructive planning. Among other problems, the plant manufacturer had the issue that an inconveniently placed pump made construction more challenging. Pharmatec was able to benefit from Minebea Intec’s equipment. The weighing module Novego has implemented continuously variable height adjustment of around eight cm, which allows for different installation heights. The integrated mounting kit consisting of a 360-degree constrainer, tipping, and lifting protection, eliminates the requirement for time-consuming container adjustments.


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