Cubis II QApp Software

Cubis II QApp Software

QApp software for your lab balances is specially designed to adapt to your lab’s ever-evolving needs.

Sartotirus QApp software for your lab balances is specially designed to adapt to your lab’s ever-evolving needs, offering standard and configurable packages for Cubis II balances. The standard software package offers applications that are needed for laboratory functions, making it great for research and development laboratories. The Cubis II MCE display has applications for Counting, Weighing, and Density Determination, which can be used for free. The Cubis II MCA supports over 50 pre-installed weighing applications, like an Essential package that is factory-licensed.

For special needs, Sartorius provides configurable packages, which allow users to pick from different QApp software packages or even request customized applications tailored to each of their specific requirements. All QApp packages are activated post-purchase, ensuring flexibility as well as adaptability as needs come up. To learn more, read on!

Cleaning QApp Software on Cubis II MCA Balances

Cleanliness is of very high importance for lab balances. Thanks to some brand-new cleaning apps available on all Cubis II balances, keeping the balance clean is now an easy and seamless part of your daily routine. We have solutions for both routine and also advanced cleaning processes, the documentation of these steps can help integrate cleaning into SOPs and audit trail reports.

Why Pick Cubis II Lab Balance with QApp Software Installed?

There’s a handful of reasons to choose the Cubis II lab balance with QApp software. QApp software can be configured to fit right into your workflow. It is compact, intuitive, and simple to validate with reduced testing efforts. The QApps feature iterative software development cycles for the total life of your applications. There is also long-term flexibility and guaranteed adaptation to evolving regulatory and lab needs as well. The Cubis II system is a fully customizable lab balance as well, so to learn more, call the Lab People today!


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