Entris 2 Density Determination

Entris 2 Density Determination

You’ve come to the right place if you wonder how Entris 2 scale’s density determination functions.

You’ve come to the right place if you wonder how Entris 2 scale’s density determination functions. The Entris 2 scale is an incredible piece of equipment that each lab owner should consider using for precise and accurate measurements. Read on to learn how to determine the density of your lab samples on the Entris 2 scale!

Determining the Density on Your Entris 2 Scale

To determine the density on your scale, turn on your Entris 2 scale and click “density determination.” From here, click on density and set the density of the used liquid on the scale. You can also enter the accuracy level by the decimal point you’d prefer. Then, enter the amount of set density. Start the weighing process in an air medium and then place your sample on the scale’s holder. You can then confirm your sample and remove it. After this, start the weighing process in a liquid medium and place the sample in the basket again. Once again, you can confirm your sample and receive your automatic printout. This will contain all of your sample data from the weighing process. To finish up, click “end application,” and you’re ready to go with your density samples! To learn more about the Entris 2 scale and its other functions, visit the Lab People today!


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