How to Relocate and Setup Your New Laboratory

How to Relocate and Setup Your New Laboratory

Laboratory relocation is one of the more complex and stressful undertakings you and your staff will have to undergo.

Laboratory relocation is one of the more complex and stressful undertakings you and your staff will have to undergo while a facility upgrade is required. However, by taking care of your lab’s relocation planning, you can mitigate the stressful, expensive, and time-consuming natures of a large-scale relocation. If you keep the following best lab practices in the back of your mind, you will save yourself from many undesirable incidents associated with laboratory renovation and relocation. Read on to learn more!

Know the Location Beforehand

The primary theme of proper laboratory relocation is planning ahead, and this should always start months before the big day. Scout out the new spot and identify any possible issues beforehand. Measure the hallways, doorways, and elevators in advance to find the ideal methods of getting your important equipment inside – something you do not want to figure out during the moving day. Take note of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure of the new space so you can build the new floor plan in accordance.

Create a Realistic Schedule

In order to reduce the high amount of stress on your team and to have the lowest impact on your laboratory’s ongoing research, you should prepare an organized and realistic schedule. Time yourselves performing any fundamental lab relocation tasks in order to extrapolate a realistic timeline for the move. Also, establish accountability and consistency by assigning each task to specific people. This will make it easier to identify and correct any problems.

Take Stock of Your Equipment and Supplies

It isn’t a secret that critical and expensive laboratory equipment can be quite specific concerning methods of handling and the environments they’re placed in. It is a brilliant idea to take a categorized inventory of every single thing in the lab and think about the right way of transporting everything from equipment to samples. If you’ve got live samples, proper refrigerated transportation has to be arranged to make sure your team does not lose weeks or months of previous work.

Be Aware of Regulations and Laws

Depending on the type of work the lab conducts, you might hire laboratory relocation services to move materials that might be considered dangerous. If so, then do your research well in advance to secure the correct permits in the interest of the public’s safety. In your new lab, familiarize yourself with all the new safety certifications, requirements, and third-party vendors required to get it up and running, ensuring that the research isn’t interrupted.


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