Picking the Ideal Pipette Tips for Your Experiments

Picking the Ideal Pipette Tips for Your Experiments

The accuracy and precision of even the best types of calibrated pipettes can be wiped out if you use the wrong types of tips.

The accuracy and precision of even the best types of calibrated pipettes can be wiped out if you use the wrong types of tips. Furthermore, depending on the kind of experiment you’re performing, the wrong type of tips could also make your pipette a new source of contamination, lead to waste of precious reagents or samples. There are so many different types of tips for you to pick from. How can you know which is the best for your pipette and your situation? This blog post will help you understand all of your options so that you can pick the right pipette tip and prevent any costly errors during experiments. Read on to learn more!

Pick High-Quality Pipette Tips for Better Precision and Accuracy  

The first consideration that comes to mind while thinking about which kind of tip to choose is the sample you will be pipetting. There are special pipette tips designed to handle viscous or foamy reagents, referred to as low retention pipette tips. 

Keeping an inventory of pipette tips from the same lot will help reduce inconsistencies that can held to errors. If there is any close batch, or within batch, variation in the overall shape of the pipette tips, then your pipetting won’t be precise. This is a build quality control issue, and as in a lot of manufacturing processes, build quality and quality control cost a lot of money. Steering away from any cheap tips and buying good quality is typically safer to get the minimum variability between tips. Our pipette calibration service team only uses OEM or designated pipette tips to complete their calibrations accurately and consistently. 

The overall accuracy of your pipette can be affected if the tip does not fit the pipette correctly. If there is a weak seal between your pipette tip and barrel, then the drawn-in air could escape, and the proper volume of liquid isn’t aspirated. Therefore, the final volume dispensed isn’t correct.

Universal and Pipette-Specific Tips

There is always the ideal choice to go for the tips that the pipette manufacturer sells if they’re available. One other option for your pipette and the application is to use high-quality universal tips. These universal tips could be used with most types of micropipettes on the market. Universal tips are specifically designed to fit snug around all pipette barrels, which can vary slightly in diameter from each manufacturer. Remember that not all universal tips are made equal, so carefully examine your choices. Companies that focus a lot on universal tips design have closely examined issues that occur with pipette tips and have developed technologies to help overcome them.


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