How to Pick the Correct Fume Hood for Your Laboratory

How to Pick the Correct Fume Hood for Your Laboratory

Picking the right hood is essential for ensuring safety from dangerous vapors and chemicals in your laboratory.

Picking the right fume hood is essential for ensuring safety from dangerous vapors and chemicals in your laboratory. The process of purchasing and researching the right lab hood might seem overwhelming. That is where we come in. Below there are some important considerations to help you pick the proper hood for your laboratory. Read on to learn just how to choose the correct fume hood for your laboratory!

Which Type of Work Will You Be Conducting in Your Fume Hood?

Indicate which types chemicals or solvents you will use and the concentration of every chemical. If you will use the chemicals simultaneously, separetly, or combined in a mixture, make a note of this. Certain chemicals might need special filtration too. Determine the evaporation rate of your chemicals. Evaporation rates are important because chemical solvents will evaporate at different rates, and if they are not accounted for, they can overwhelm the hood by evaporating at a rate too quick for the fume hoods to ventilate. This can lead to fugitive emissions that might migrate into the laboratory. The fume hood will help circulate the correct chemical solvents.

Required Work Areas: Which Size Fume Hood Will You Need?

There are so many key factors to consider while determining the size of your laboratory fume hood. Equipment is vital, will you have equipment inside of your fume hood? If so, how big is the equipment? A benchtop hood houses smaller items like glass beakers or scales. A walk-in hood could be more appropriate if your application involves large equipment, like drum containers. You should also consider the amount of people will be working under the hood, along with buffer space. Try to work at least six inches behind the sash to ensure the safety buffer zone is maintained correctly. Make sure your laboratory has enough height clearance for a bigger benchtop or floor mounted on the hood.

Which Accessories Are Needed for the Fume Hood?

Fume hood accessories like light fixtures, base cabinets, airflow monitors, electrical outlets, cup sinks, service fixtures for vacuums, water, and gas are all options. The Lab People can help you with any hood accessories that you may need, so give us a call today!


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