Lab Balance 101: Dealing with Drafts

Lab Balance 101: Dealing with Drafts

To learn more about dealing with drafts in your lab, read on!

If you’re interested in reducing the impact of air drafts, you’ve come to the right article. Weighing is one of the most usual activities that are carried out in any laboratory. Any electronic balance doesn’t directly measure mass but rather the force of its weight. The uncertainty of this force will depend not only on the technical specification of the measuring instrument but also on different environmental effects like temperature variations and air drafts. To learn more about dealing with drafts in your lab, read on!

The True Impact of Air Drafts

Reducing air drafts during a weighing process is significant for lab practices. Recent innovations in the design of a weighing pan for precision balances or scales help to minimize any errors because of air drafts. The results of weighing on the optimized design of weighing pans are compared with those obtained using conventional weighing pans. The innovative and new weighing pan makes it possible to deliver results that are up to twice as quick, even under brutal conditions. As the speed and precision of weighing results, mostly settling time and repeatability, is closely associated with the position of your balance, recommendations on factors to consider in picking the optimum location for the balance are also given.

Static and Drafts Can Ruin Weighing Processes

Weighing is common within most laboratories, and it is usually the first step when preparing a sample that requires analysis or further processing. If the weighing results are unreliable, it could profoundly affect any downstream steps and the quality of your final results. Despite this, many factors that negatively influence the accuracy of a weighing result, such as drafts and static, are usually overlooked. The latest developments in weighing technology for precision and analytical balances can help. They are:

  • StaticDetect is automatic static detection for analytical balances which warns whether an electrostatic charge has genuinely influenced a weighing result and will also indicate the magnitude of the error.
  • SmartPlan is an innovative weighing pan design used for precision balances that can deliver a more accurate weighing result in less than half the time, especially within an unstable environment.

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