Lab Balance 101: Routine Lab Balance Checks

Lab Balance 101: Routine Lab Balance Checks

If you’re interested in learning about regular lab balance checks in your laboratory, then you’re in luck.

Balance routine testing will ensure that your weighing results remain accurate and precise. Although weighing is just one step of the usual process chain, it will strongly influence the quality and integrity of the final results in many laboratory processes. For this reason, balances have to be calibrated and tested at all regular intervals. A qualified Service Technician typically performs an annual service calibration. However, it is essential to supplement this annual intervention with consistent balance testing according to a set and defined schedule, performed right by the user. Most balance users perform constant routine testing too often, which wastes effort and time. If you’re interested in learning about regular lab balance checks in your laboratory, then you’re in luck. Read on to learn more!

When and How to Test a Lab Balance

Knowing how and when to test a laboratory balance is so important. If you’re doing this, you should also know about important weighing terms, the correct test weights to use, the proper testing procedures, and how to interpret the results of these routine tests. Good Weighing Practice, or GWP, provides a risk-based assessment of every balance in your lab to properly recommend optimum frequencies for regular testing based on risk and criticality. Balance routine testing helps with the following:

  • Achieving and maintaining reliable, accurate, and traceable weighing results
  • Minimizing and eliminating errors

Standard Operating Procedures for Scale and Balance Testing

Are you testing your balance and scale too little or too much? According to ISO 9001, you must calibrate and verify your weighing device at specific intervals. But the standards need to make a statement on how this should be done or how consistently. Good Weighing Practice provides you with a recommendation on testing, based on your specific needs, which meets your internal requirements and ISO9001. The standard operating procedures include testing information for industrial scales, lab microbalances, and precision and analytical balances on various topics, like repeatability, sensitivity, and eccentricity.

What’s the Sensitivity of Your Balance or Scale?

What is the average rule for testing the sensitivity of a scale or balance? How do you prepare for the sensitivity test? What can affect the performance of weighing devices, and how can you reduce human error within testing? Precision and sensitivity of your balance or scale go hand and hand. To learn more about routine lab balance checks and how you can do them even better, visit the Lab People!


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