Measuring Bioburden in Viral Vaccine Development

Measuring Bioburden in Viral Vaccine Development

You have come to the correct place to learn more about measuring bioburden during viral vaccine development.

While inactivated or live attenuated vaccines can dominate the market today, a new generation of viral vaccines known as recombinant viral vectors and virus-like-particles, or VLPs for short, is in the pre-clinical and clinical development phases. Viral vectors are also widely used for gene therapy and oncolytic applications. You have come to the correct place to learn more about measuring bioburden during viral vaccine development. Read on to learn more!

Mycoplasma Detection and Its Relation to Viral Vaccines

It is entirely possible to detect mycoplasma in a span of three hours. Microstart Mycoplasma AMP qPCR kits are fast, reliable, and easy to use in compliance with international laboratory and vaccine development guidelines. Samples can be quickly taken from cell cultures or sterility canisters for proper testing. 

The proof of sterility is typically complete downstream to help make sure a viable product is free from ontaminants. Batch-release sterility testing is used with Sterisart NF canisters. A Universal pump is then used in Sterility testing that adheres to all of the international pharmacopeia requirements for testing. 

For Mycoplasma testing, a virus seed is tested and then undergoes virus propagation, which leads to viability and cell count, metabolites measuring virus analytics, and bioburden testing. Biosafety characterization, mycoplasma testing, and bioburden are analyzed for media preparation.

How It Helps with Microbial Air Monitoring

The portable unit could be used in any room and measure viral and bacteria loads. The air monitoring unit is used to detect any airborne microorganisms quantitatively. The MD8 unit is combined with pre-filled culture media plates that fit right onto the unit. The integration culture plate is a collection head with over 400 holes for maximum sampling efficiency.

Pharma-Compliant Weighing Processes for Your Laboratory

Cubis II Premium Lab Balances, along with Sartorius Cubis II, are fully designed to follow US FDA data integrity principles that require different data to be entirely accurate, legible, contemporaneous, and attributable. With some pharma packages, the Cubis II balance contains each technical control you will need to support full compliance with any other standard regulations. Microbial contamination control will always involve bioburden testing, too, so call us if you’d like to learn more!


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