Mail-in Pipette Service

Mail-in Pipette Service

The Lab People and the Scale People offer quick and easy pipette calibration and repair services with their mail-in service options.

The Lab People and the Scale People offer quick and easy pipette calibration and repair services with their mail-in service options. Pipettes are calibrated with our ISO 17025 Accredited and ISO 9001 registered calibration lab in Columbia, MD. Our crew of pipette calibration technicians is available seven days a week for service if you’re interested. To learn more about our mail-in pipette services, read on!

How the Mail-in Service Works

There are some steps to follow if you’re interested in mailing in your pipettes. They are:

  1. Submit the mail-in request using the form
  2. The Lab People will email you a quote to accept pricing and confirm the shipping address
  3. For any new customers, the Lab People will also send you the pipette boxes and foam inserts.
  4. Ship the pipettes to:
  1. The Lab People, 9693 Gerwig Lane, Suite C, Columbia, MD 21046
  1. Receive the email when the pipettes are received
  2. Receive an email or call about repairs when needed
  3. Receive an email when pipettes are complete with pipette box tracking for shipment back to your facility

What is Included with Each Service

With every service, you will receive complete interior and exterior preventive maintenance and cleaning, changing of the seal and lubrication of the piston, calibration of the pipette to customer desired specification, standards that are traceable to NIST, and laminate labels to help ensure the integrity of calibration.

Best Practices of Mail in Pipette Services

Mail-in pipette services are easy options for calibrating the pipettes. Some options include:

  • Split Shipments: when coordinating mail-in service, it is best to help split the shipment so the lab is always equipped with pipettes. Send half of the pipettes and keep the other half to keep working on projects.
  • Decontaminating Pipettes: complete the decontamination section of the service form you fill out to pick the method used, including autoclave, irradiation, ETO, or biocides.
  • Packing Pipettes Securely: we can provide shipment boxes with foam insets to help keep the pipettes secure and safe.
  • Including copies of Pipette Service Forms or Quotes in MailBoxes: for the most efficient services, please include paperwork like pipette service forms and quotes; this will help us quickly reference the order and get it completed and shipped back on time.

To learn more about our mail-in service, give us a call today!


Lab People Inc. is a trusted provider of laboratory equipment, services, supplies, and rental equipment for you and your laboratory. As an ISO 17025 accredited service organization, we stand behind our services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all our customers. We offer on-site and off-site calibration services for balances, pipettes, moisture analyzers, force measurement, test weights, and more. Services include preventative maintenance, SQ-Min, IQOQ, repairs, legal for trace/placed in service, verification, and more.

For more information about how we can assist you, visit our websiteemail us, or call us at 1-800-296-2001!

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