Mail-in Vs. On-Site Pipette Calibration

Mail-in Vs. On-Site Pipette Calibration

We provide mail-in and on-site pipette calibration services at the Lab People and the Scale People.

We provide mail-in and on-site pipette calibration services at the Lab People and the Scale People. Both of these services have advantages and disadvantages, and we’re here today to list a few of each to make the decision easier for you. Read on to learn more!

Pipette Calibration On-Site

There are plenty of advantages of pipette calibration on-site. First, there is the convenience of it. Performing pipette calibration on-site will eliminate the need to ship the equipment to an external service provider. This will save time and the risk of damage or loss while it is transported. There is also the advantage of immediate access. With on-site calibration, pipettes are available for use right after the calibration process. There isn’t any waiting for the equipment to be returned. Reduced downtime is another advantage. On-site calibration will minimize workflow disruptions since technicians can calibrate the pipettes without removing them from the lab or workplace. Real-time observations are possible with on-site calibration. Being present during the calibration process will allow the lab staff to observe and interact with technicians, gaining valuable insights and knowledge about the equipment and its maintenance. Lastly, on-site calibration will enable technicians to quickly identify and address additional problems and concerns with pipettes. This allows for swift repairs and adjustments.

There are some disadvantages, however. Travel expenses, accommodation, and labor costs are more expensive than mail-in services. 

Mail-in Pipette Calibration Services

Mail-in pipette calibration services have advantages. One being the cost-effectiveness of it. Mail-in equipment service usually incurs lower costs than on-site since it eliminates the need for technicians to go to the location. The advantage of specialized expertise is that calibration centers that provide mail-in service often have exceptional technicians with extensive knowledge and pipette calibration experience, ensuring accurate and precise calibration services. Mail-in pipette calibration centers typically provide detailed calibration certificates and documentation, ensuring traceability and compliance with quality standards. Mail-in centers are also equipped with state-of-the-art calibration equipment and technology, which could be more advanced and precise than available on-site.

There are a few disadvantages involved. One is shipping risks – since there is a possible risk of damages or loss during the transportation process while shipping the pipettes to and from the calibration centers. Turnaround time can be a disadvantage. The method of sending the pipettes, performing calibration, and returning them to the lab or workplace could result in a longer overall turnaround time than on-site calibration services.


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